Friday, May 6, 2011

~Day 60~ The Light

Within all there is contained a light. The light that illumines all is the very light that you see within your mind as you dream.

This light is the divine light of God. It is Love's being in Action. At times you say, “I've seen the light.” What you mean by this is that you have come to an understanding.

No longer is it shrouded in darkness or confusion. It has come to the light. This is the light of consciousness, the very same light found in all life.

Come to recognize light as divine intelligence, for indeed, it is the guidance that leads us to all comprehension. Mother/Father God is light. In Them there is no darkness at all. Be Light!!
~Day 60~ The Light
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1 comment:

  1. Blessed be David and All.

    Dichotomies in general are inane, but splitting the dark off from the light is asinine. This particular schism implies a fear of reality and a complete lack of understanding of nature - nature the cosmos, and nature the self. There is much to understand that can only be learned in the dark. So called opposites are actually compliments. Sorrow to teach appreciation for joy. Fear to teach courage. Night/dark to provide rest and reflection from the day/light.
    When I read things as trite, and at the same time meaningless, as the stuff you've written, I always wonder if this person has ever actually done anything. I mean are you involved in the provision of base reality - Food, Water, and Shelter, in any way for any one, or is all that you do blathering nonsense at people who would be best served by learning to provide that reality and preparing for the changes that are upon us.
    Go gently - dwell in beauty.