Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Pledge

~Day 64~
The Pledge

I make a pledge to myself this day. This is a pledge to my higher self, for I recognize this as being a part of all higher selves and an underlying principle of the universe.

To this mighty source I say, “I Love You.” I will fearlessly go forth and recognize your light and give it in abundance to the People of the World. I will move forward mightily in love.

More and more I will accomplish in giving light to all life. I am joyfully dancing and singing the Divine news and with it I wield my sword of truth. All illusion is cut lose.

I am all powerful. The Divine One is with me. I shall not fear.
Stay Psi-Power Connected Here...

 written by David Shepard-Love  ©2011 All Rights Reserved   

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