Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainbow of Love

There is a Divine and Omnipotent communication to be made with the Rainbow. Its beauty radiates down from above from the very face of the Creator. With love and gratitude it is sent down from the heavens as a gift of peace to Earth's children.

As Divine Source is the creator, so are we the co-creator. With our love we can make this communication of Love, the rainbow, a true sign of the Beauty of Life.

It is our living fountain of healing waters made manifest as we follow its example of unity; “One for all, All for one.

Truly the love of Divine Source has sent it and truly the love of humanity will be set Free through its grace and beauty.
Day 72 from David's book "Love Illuminations"


 written by David Shepard-Love  ©2011 All Rights Reserved   

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