Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Commitment to Grow

As one commits their self to a goal, project or dream they have already accomplished the greatest part of this task. It is in the commitment we grow to understand, through practice, the way we can manifest this desire.

The commitment keeps us ever stepping forward. Rocks, valleys and mountains may lay I our way but within our heart of hearts we have said we would continue toward our goal, “No matter what.”

We grow to love what lies beyond those distant barriers. We send out a light within that, from the very start, illumines what we are destined to achieve. Yet, we must commit and do what we know is right to achieve the mighty plan. It all works in perfect order. Will You??
Day 73 from David's book "Love Illuminations"


 written by David Shepard-Love  ©2011 All Rights Reserved   

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