Monday, December 12, 2011

Creation's Wonder

Glory be to Divine Source and the glories of Creation for it has been to brought to light that through this light we may be conscious of the wonders of nature. It is all so beautiful.

What a gift these flowers and trees and birds are... All in perfect order with the millions of other facets of the Creator's work. What a marvel it is that we, too, have had our hand in this creation. It came from Divine Source and became manifest as we became conscious of it.

The beauty you see, it came from the beauty of Human. All things that are wonderful came about because We are wonderful. Be not fooled by the skeptics for you are the Creator. You have the power to Love.
Day 74 from David's book "Love Illuminations"


 written by David Shepard-Love  ©2011 All Rights Reserved   

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