Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Divine

Let there be light on the earth to guide the weary home. Let there be love in this home that they may feel the glowing essence of Source's being. Let life always flourish in abundance on this earth, flowing into the one perfect soul.

Grace be with you my child and share it. Together, you and me, one with the Creator, we can live in love and light. It brightens the way to come and see.

They will see harmony and as they raise their voices in song they will glow to warm the earth even more. It is all so beautiful to see us join as one with Divine Essence, the Creator.

We can now co-create the universe and know of the Garden of Eternal Life.
Day 78 from David's book "Love Illuminations"


 written by David Shepard-Love  ©2012 Creative Commons   

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