Saturday, December 11, 2010

~Day 45~Cosmic Spark Reunited

    It is said that we all originated from the spark of the Mother-Father God.  A single spark from the heart of God; divided equally into... Female and Male.

    Then we are made manifest on this world of form and dimension.  We two, male and female, are separated.  It is our destiny to reunite this cosmic spark.  It keeps us moving on from lifetime to lifetime; from relationship to relationship seeking the true oneness with our mate.

    In our searching we create or work through much karma.  As we come closer to our Divine Creator, in all we do, so do we come closer to our original spark alive in another person.

    Keep searching with all the love you have and you will once again join with the perfect One of Mother-Father God.
~Day 45~Cosmic Spark Reunited
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