Sunday, December 26, 2010

~Day 48~Special Days

    Certain days can be very special, especially when you put forth into the ethers that this day will be special.  All of the universe and its connections of time seem to come to you when you, from deep within, believe this is a special day.
    Life is such a wondrous thing when you begin to realize connectedness.  From this focus you are happy and living without doubt.  This allows you to flow in the rhythm of time and space.      Wake up each day and know, “Today is a Special Day.”  Sure enough, it will be... God in action and you in God.  A flowing of each day into the perfection you may have before only imagined.  Now, by will, it is Reality.
~Day 48~Special Days
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 written by David Shepherd-Love  ©2010 All Rights Reserved

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