Sunday, October 17, 2010

~Day 23~Divine Source Guidance

Look for the signs and wonders in your life... For they will guide you. If at any time you come to a fork in the road and know not which way to go then open the door to your heart and consider what would be best for all life.

Consider what the creation is... you in your destiny are going toward. Divine Source always knows what is the way to the light. It is always there to give you the answers you need.

If you simply center yourself in the universe and affirm, “I now release my free will and replace it with Love's free will. I know Love is alive and awake, I am too. I am able to see Mother/Father God's perfected love through signs and wonders.” It is by God's Grace you are brought into this world, by grace you live in the now and by grace you will ascend into heaven.

Remember to love your family-human and all life. In this bountiful connection you will be given what you need to carry on and there will be peace when you are done.
~Day 23~Divine Source Guidance

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 written by David Shepherd-Love  ©2010 All Rights Reserved

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