Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love Illuminations Oct 5, 2010 "Morning Star"

With the rising of the morning star you bring yourself from sleeping and greet the new day with centeredness and action toward bringing in the light of the world; allowing you to express it in its fullness.

You are floating as a blade of grass down the river of life... moving to where you need to go; in flow with all life around you. You realize you love yourself and see this love manifested in people and places you venture into.

Awakened, from your sleep, with a smile on your heart and you and Love Divine will never part. In truth, I bring you this today.
~Day 15~
At times, the days of our lives may seem empty and without direction, yet within we know there must be a Master Plan. These words are brought to you to give you strength on your spiritual journey, as they have me on mine. For 150 days a writing came forth as a part of a daily meditation. You too, will grow as these words are absorbed daily while coming from a position of centeredness. Set free the “I Am” of who you are and be Love & Light to All.

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