Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love Illuminations Oct 6, 2010 "Three-Fold Balance"

Into this world you are sent from the realms of the spiritual. By choice, you have said, “Yes, I do want to descend into the physical plane of existence so that I may learn the totality of my being; to experience first hand, the denseness, while ever being attracted by the divine source I came from; the realm of the spirit.”

Within you is the perfect three-fold balance of Man, God and Spirit. In your conscious mind the balance is what we all are working toward and the balance will be had by all. It was your choice to descend to the earth and now is the time to choose, in the freedom of Love, to ascend back into heaven.

Keep up, always do your best and know of your omnipotent power within. These are the keys to moving along the lighted path. Set goals for yourself and keep them, for you are a child of God and whatever you desire with all your heart, soul, mind and strength so shall it be done, By Grace.
~Day 16~
At times, the days of our lives may seem empty and without direction, yet within we know there must be a Master Plan. These words are brought to you to give you strength on your spiritual journey, as they have me on mine. For 150 days a writing came forth as a part of a daily meditation. You too, will grow as these words are absorbed daily while coming from a position of centeredness. Set free the “I Am” of who you are and be Love & Light to All.

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