Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Arising into the Phoenix

Many of us are feeling there must be more to this life.
We feel we are in a perpetual feeling of Waiting for the World to change.
Many of us have lived dozens or even hundreds of lives thinking and believing this would be the One to Change it all.
As challenging as this is we are reminded this day, the New You and  the New World is still in formation.
We and the world are like the Seed.  
Within the Seed contains the Total Imprint of the Life to come
Our Destiny to Become So Much More has been imprinted in Us from the very moment of Conception.
We are Like the energy field of a great and mighty tree.
Even as the seed of who we are sprouts forth we are growing into are finished and wonderful state.
Our leaves, limbs and branches are already formed, in the field of energy.
We Grow into these and they pull us ever upward to grow into them.
All Life is patterned the same way from conception to the great Arisen One.
We are the template of what we will become for within our seed is great and wondrous works.
We and the Earth and All life are going through a form of Resurrection Now.
We have seen what we thought was death and decay and Now Realize.
It was all an Illusion as many lifetimes of this process was all part of the Master Plan.
We have Always been Our Perfect Self and World, in the realm of energy.
We Simply had not grown up yet to realize our Full Splendor.
Now We take this cycle of Death and Decay and we Stomp upon it.
We become like the Phoenix and from the ashes of lifetimes of discontent, We ARISE.
All has been Planned from the start... The mighty and victorious achievement of Us, All Life and Our Beloved Earth.
The Waiting is over, indeed it has Never Been for we have always been destined for this Magnanimous Moment.
We Have Overcome and the Victory of Eternal Life is Now Ours.
We have Fully Manifest the Great and Wondrous Seed.

 ~written by David Shepherd-Love

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