Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~Day 40~You're the Master

 Free yourself, my brother, my sister... as I look inside. Stop saying, “I think I can” or “Maybe if.” You hold the key to your destiny no body else has that right or honor.

If you are sad and confused and know not which way to go, don't wallow in it and listen to yourself say, “I'm stuck. I don't know where to go.” These are very powerful affirmations; in a negative since. As you have so decreed, so will it be done.

Stop it!! Take control of your life. You are the master. Affirm to yourself, “Yes, I can do whatever I can imagine.” Never say, “Never.” In Divine Source's way all things are attainable. Be strong, my child, and stand firm with your convictions.

Peace of Mind can be yours.
~Day 40~You're the Master

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 written by David Shepherd-Love  ©2010 All Rights Reserved

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