Saturday, November 13, 2010

~Day 35~Special Gift

To be kind and share of yourself is a special gift. To give a light to a sister or brother who stumbles in the dark will your soul begin to lift.

You have something special in you you can choose to use; it is a heart. You can choose to keep it trapped inside or to bring together that which is apart.

See yourself as a real giver to all life, for this alone will take you through all strife.
Feel at ease in this and do as you please. The heaven on earth will come to you as a simple ease.

Within you is the power to give so much. With your love-nature it will be as the golden touch.

A beautiful thing will happen this day, for this I give to you that you may have true happiness, I pray.
~Day 35~Special Gift

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 written by David Shepherd-Love  ©2010 All Rights Reserved

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