Sunday, November 28, 2010

~Day 41~Receiver Lights Glow

The Joy of Sharing. The Beauty of Giving. These are special gifts from God. If at any time you are feeling down and really can't put your finger on the reason why; turn it around. Don't use that energy to follow the pattern of the blues.

You can make something really great out of it. As it is given from your heart (not out of guilt or obligation) you will see the light within the receiver start to glow. This wondrous light will soon brighten you and instead of the shadows you will see the spirit of happiness come over you.

Always remember; You are the best friend you will ever have. So give to someone who is really special. It is in giving to yourself that your love nature will open up to boundless splendor, for as you love yourself you will find it easy to love everything else. Then Mother/Father God will smile on you with the beautiful riches of Heaven.
~Day 41~Receiver Lights Glow

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