Thursday, November 18, 2010

~Day 37~Aquarian Age Peace

  The New Age is here. The time of the game of war and the pain of hunger are removed forever. It has not been an easy climb, many have fell by the way-side, only to be picked up and even sometimes carried to those lofty heights. We have seen the world transform from the shadows of darkness into the ecstasy of Light Supreme.

Many of us knew it was coming. This was the signpost to the reality we have created... The glorious peace on Earth of the Aquarian Age.
Give thanks to the one and all for this noble deed. Now we bow before the One Creator and by our magnified Love-Light we instill gratitude for the greatest of all; The Gift of Life Everlasting.
~Day 37~Aquarian Age Peace

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 written by David Shepherd-Love  ©2010 All Rights Reserved

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