Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Art of Waiting

Beloveds, many of us are feeling the energy of Change all around us. We know the world is changing and even have become aware of Universal Change. Know that you are not alone in this huge influx of energy you are feeling. All of us are feeling this. It is as if we have become aware of a Grand Ball, we know it is going to happen and we know it will be Spectacular. Yet the Grandness of that moment does not “appear” to be here yet. So we believe we are being ask to Wait.

Beloved One, there is much we can focus on while this sweet earth and Her precious people are being readied for the Change. We are asked to be present in the moment, for it is in this presentness we prepare for the future creating with our every breath the Garden Paradise that is to come. We become the catalyst for Change. In this, Precious One, Be Here Now and Love, for it is in Loving and not Longing we create Paradise. Living with a sense of “longing” for our true love to return puts us outside the moment. We become trapped in the illusion that we are without. Truly I say unto you, We are One. We have it All. See this Moment of perfect consecration and Become One with it. We are the Creators of the Grand Ball.

Many of us are searching for our Twin Flame, the one to restore Our life, our love, to the Brilliance of a thousand suns. Know that YOU are that Twin Flame. You are the Spiraling Energy of your Kundalini Flame. You contain both masculine and feminine energy grids. Many of us still have these energies tightly coiled at the base of our spines waiting to be uncoiled and set free; to free US. As we wait for the Grand Ball we can send light, love and harmonious energy to ourselves and others. Seek disciplines of Loving and Healing Yourself and Others. In this Your Twin Flame will arrive and the Grandness you seek will be a Joyful Homecoming, a return to yourself, a return to innocence.
Surround yourself Beloveds with that which is pure, holy and beautiful. Create Your Reality Knowing the illusion of this world in its negativity and belief in lack are but chains of light. Once You realize they are energy, self created, they will fall away as wisps of smoke. You hold within the Releasing of your Powerful Twin Flame Energy. Do not Wait or Want, Simply Know Now is Your Shinning Moment. Set Yourself Free!!
Dear Ones You are the One you have been waiting for. The Grand Ball has Arrived and the world is Transforming right before your very Eyes. Seize the Moment and Know Divine Destiny is Right in your Hands and Heart. We Are Not Waiting. We Have Arrived. All borders to our ascension are now removed. We have Merged with Our Beloved for he/she is us. We Are Free. Embrace this moment and Dance. Dance Beloved One as if you are in the Grandest Ball of All. This is Y-OUR moment. It is Eternal and It is Beautiful. The Wait is Over.

~Channeling of Higher Self by David Shepherd-Love

©2010 David Shepherd-Love, All Rights Reserved

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