Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Illuminations Sept. 28, 2010 "Reflecting Mother/Father God"

It is preordained in the great Cosmos of space that we all will come to a point of truly loving ourselves. How would it be possible to love others while from this point the love starts is dingy and darkened by mistrust and guilt?

It has been said by many masters, “Come to know self, ultimately, you will also come to know the secrets, for contained within your being is a portion of every part of this Great Universe.”

You truly are Mother/Father God made manifest as a reflection of their Beings. Will you choose to reflect Them in your life... consciously? God is Love and God is Light; in Them there is no darkness at all.

By bringing your-self to a point of pure love all darkness will be dispelled. You will walk as Kings and Queens. The Garden of this New Age will bring you fruits of Happiness, prosperity and all Good... Simply Love Yourself.
~Day 8~
At times, the days of our lives may seem empty and without direction, yet within we know there must be a Master Plan. These words are brought to you to give you strength on your spiritual journey, as they have me on mine. For 150 days a writing came forth as a part of a daily meditation. You too, will grow as these words are absorbed daily while coming from a position of centeredness. Set free the “I Am” of who you are and be Love & Light to All.

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