Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Illuminations Sept. 24, 2010 "Take Wings"

Life, as it would seem, has many ups and downs.  We are caught on that “Merry-go-round;” bobbing up and down and going round and round, while all the time we have our mind's eye on the prize just beyond reach; limited by the physical.

    If you would only see your “horse” not as attached and going round in circles, but instead, with wings of Freedom.  Then in a harmonious balance of strength and grace you can fly.

    All the prizes are yours, just take wings, my friend, and believe.... you will see.
~Day 4~

At times, the days of our lives may seem empty and without direction, yet within we know there must be a Master Plan. These words are brought to you to give you strength on your spiritual journey, as they have me on mine. For 150 days a writing came forth as a part of a daily meditation. You too, will grow as these words are absorbed daily while coming from a position of centeredness. Set free the “I Am” of who you are and be Love & Light to All.

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